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About Us

Gerd Åsta Bones – managing director
Gerd Åsta was earlier an elementary school teacher and project leader with the Norwegian Mathematics Education Center (NSMO). She founded the company Didaktikk and developed the products Mathematical Back-Pack and Math Mason. She leads competency programs and gives many presentations and courses throughout Norway. She is known for her work with outdoor mathematics, development of math rooms and parks, and math pedagogy.

Mike Naylor – artistic director
Mike was earlier a professor of mathematics and math education and a researcher with  NSMO. He has taught at levels from kindergarten to university and is the author of over a hundred articles, books and manuals. He is an internationally recognized math artist and popular course and presentation holder. He writes the quarterly “Math and Creativity” column for Tangenten magazine and was named a Math and Science Hero by the minister of education Torbjørn Røe Isaksen.


Matematikkbølgen / MathSpace AS
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Gerd Åsta Bones
email: gerd@mathspace.xyz
phone: (+47) 97068723
Mike Naylor
email: mike@mathspace.xyz
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