Tessellation Masters Puzzle Series

Five incredible puzzles. Beautiful pieces of artwork that will challenge you again and again!

We’ve licensed artwork some of the world’s greatest mathematical artist to bring you a whole new kind of puzzle! Animal shapes fit together perfectly to make repeated designs … as well as a variety of shapes!

Each puzzle is based on a different structure that brings you different challenges. Can you solve all of the puzzles printed inside of the frame?

People of all ages love these puzzles. Your children will learn geometry and visualization skills. Your friends will love discovering the surprising shapes they can make. And your family will have fun solving the puzzles together.n

Order here: www.dragonfjord.com


Two Roos by Bruce Bilney

Based on the artwork of Bruce Bilney from Australia. This 15 piece puzzle can be put together to make one rectangle, 8 whole kangaroos, or combinations of kangaroos and rectangles. It feels magical to see kangaroos turn into boxes and back again!

Find out more about artist Bruce Bilney at http://www.ozzigami.com.au/


Cabrade by Alain Nicolas

Based on the artwork of Alain Nicolas from France. These horses have 3-fold rotational symmetry and fit together in fascinating ways. Make parallelograms and solve the interesting puzzles inside the frame. Can you round them back up into the frame again?

See Nicolas’ tessellation gallery at http://en.tessellations-nicolas.com/


Birds 1 – Geometric, One Motif, of a Square, by David Bailey

Based on a design by David Bailey of England, Birdbox features 24 birds as whole animals, halves and quarters. The whole birds are the same on all sides so you can explore symmetrical ways to place them together, and the pieces fit together in satisfying ways as you try to solve the 9 puzzles inside the frame.

See Bailey’s work and essays on tessellation at http://www.tess-elation.co.uk/


Math artist Mike Naylor from Norway designed these geese and bear shapes that fit together in an amazing number of ways. You’ll never get tired of finding new shapes and patterns you can make. Some of the bears are cut in a perfect way to create beautiful geometric figures … if you can figure it out!

See other work from Naylor at http://mike-naylor.com


6 motifs (5) by Makoto Nakamura

Based on a tessellation by world master Makoto Nakamura, this puzzle consists of 6 each of 6 different animals that are a delight to play with. The puzzle has been cut in an ingenious way to create challenges that will push the limits of your problem-solving! The double frame is perfect for solving with a friend.

See more of Nakamura’s work at http://tessella.sakura.ne.jp/home.index.html