Mathematics is a world of pattern and chaos, a beautiful and engaging playground of thought and creativity. We create ways for you to enjoy mathematics – through art, games, puzzles, playground equipment and a wide range of learning products.

Bring the beauty of mathematics into your home, garden, school and kindergarten with MathSpace!

Tessellation Masters Puzzle Series

Five incredible puzzles. Beautiful pieces of artwork that will challenge you again and again!

We’ve licensed artwork some of the world’s greatest mathematical artist to bring you a whole new kind of puzzle! Animal shapes fit together perfectly to make repeated designs … as well as a variety of shapes!

Each puzzle is based on a different structure that brings you different challenges. Can you solve all of the puzzles printed inside of the frame?

People of all ages love these puzzles. Your children will learn geometry and visualization skills. Your friends will love discovering the surprising shapes they can make. And your family will have fun solving the puzzles together.

Order here: www.dragonfjord.com


Tessellation Masters Puzzle Series

Our latest project – now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Five incredible puzzles based on the artwork of five international master artists.

Go to our Tessellation Masters Puzzle Series page

Math Playgrounds
Søve AS and MathSpace AS cooperate to design, develop and produce outdoor play structures for parks and outdoor areas, schools and kindergarten play areas. This is a new product line of mathematical play structures which are fun, beautiful and initiate and motivate mathematics learning both outside and in the classroom.

In connection with each model we provide inspiration material with lesson plans and activities for all grade levels so that children and students can experience and learn mathematics through movement, play and exploration, year after year.

Our first model, OctaSpace, is on the market and can be ordered from Søve.no. Several more models are coming to the market this year and next

Our newest model – Octaspace

Matematikkgleder: kindergarten mathematics
In cooperation with Capellen-Damm we have developed Matematikkgleder, a pack for preschool mathematics with 100 activity cards, manipulatives and everything needed for teachers and staff to carry out engaging and rich mathematics activities in kindergarten and preschool. Additionally we have developed digital resources, Toktok, connected to this project.

Find out more at Capellen-Damm.

Math learning products
We design and produce math manipulatives, idea books, puzzles and games.

World’s best number cards
Tactile 100-board
Pythagoras knowledge bricks

Furniture and Math Rooms
We design and produce furniture for mathematics rooms in schools and preschools. We offer project leadership, help planning and developing creative and inspiring math rooms both outside and in, consultation to get the most possible out of the math materials you have, courses and competency programs in connection with your math rooms and equipment, and advising and consulation.

We help you from concept to reality! Contact us to start the process.

Fractal sorting tree and goat mountain
Mathematics fishing boat with fold-down jigsaw table
Meeting area with tactile math board, staff room with mathematical functional decor

Amborneset Math Park

Our headquarters are located at the beautiful Amborneset cape on Trondheimsfjord between Vanvikan and Leksvik, near Trondheim. We are a short walk to a beach, a fishing dock and spectacular trails.

We run mathematics pedagogy courses for teachers and a range of creative math courses for learners of all ages.

Our center is available for booking of events, conferences, meetings and banquets. We have a large hall with room for 60 guests or more, a full kitchen, bar, meeting rooms, art gallery, outdoor pavillion and math garden.

Contact us about courses, workshops or booking for your next event.

About Us / Contact

About Us

Gerd Åsta Bones – managing director
Gerd Åsta was earlier an elementary school teacher and project leader with the Norwegian Mathematics Education Center (NSMO). She founded the company Didaktikk and developed the products Mathematical Back-Pack and Math Mason. She leads competency programs and gives many presentations and courses throughout Norway. She is known for her work with outdoor mathematics, development of math rooms and parks, and math pedagogy.

Mike Naylor – artistic director
Mike was earlier a professor of mathematics and math education and a researcher with  NSMO. He has taught at levels from kindergarten to university and is the author of over a hundred articles, books and manuals. He is an internationally recognized math artist and popular course and presentation holder. He writes the quarterly “Math and Creativity” column for Tangenten magazine and was named a Math and Science Hero by the minister of education Torbjørn Røe Isaksen.


Matematikkbølgen / MathSpace AS
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Gerd Åsta Bones
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Mike Naylor
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